List of 5 Decent Hotels in karol bagh

Karol Bagh is a well known residential and commercial neighborhood in New Delhi. Hotels and other popular establishments in the city are located in the area as well as famous hotels that have topnotch quality but with fair pricing. Here are some of the decent hotels that are located in Karol Bagh.

Pitrashish Premium

Pitrashish Premium is a budget hotel in New Delhi and is a popular choice by backpackers and business travelers because of its price that is well on budget and its close proximity to center delhi. Pitrashish Premium is a budget hotel which is rated as top 50 hotel in delhi by Tripadvisor.

Guests can experience luxury upon staying at Pitrashish Premium Hotel as well as being comfortably asleep during the night. What is even better is that the hotel is on the main street of New Delhi and very near tourist attractions and major shopping areas.

The Pitrashish Premium’s price is well below compared to some of its competitors making it the one of the best options in budget hotel brands in the market. So in out list of good hotels in karol bagh delhi, Hotel Pitrashish Premium is at number 1.

Hotel Citi International

One of the best budget hotels in New Delhi, Hotel Citi International has been awarded a certificate of excellence by tripadvisor for its amenities and quality services as a 3 star hotel. Hotel Citi International is a top choice for business travelers who want to experience leisure on the sideline. The hotel is a stand out from other hotels in Karol Bagh because of its comfort and well appointed rooms for individual experience. Close to the airport, shopping districts, and fascinating landmarks, Hotel Citi International is for sure a great place to stay at.

Hotel Florence

A hotel that is making a different landscape on customized hotel service for guests, Hotel Florence will let clients encounter a fresh view on luxurious living infused with holistic comfort to target a hospitality management that is unique to India. The reasonable prices of the room accommodations, world class amenities and facilities, as well as its closeness to the airport, shopping malls, and tourist attractions have it as one of the top choices for business travelers to book. Privacy is of utmost importance to the team in Hotel Florence, and they will do everything they can to attain it for the entirety of hotel time spent.

The Florence Inn

Another establishment tucked under the Florence Hotels Group, Florence Inn prides itself with good amenities and facilities that guest would surely love. Get ready to experience a new environment of luxury, class, and comfort at par with 5 star hotels. The Florence Inn offers standard personalized services for guests to be able to aim in living up the famous Indian hospitality. The rooms have different layouts, with speedy internet connection and air-conditioned as well. The dining room in house serves buffer breakfast lasting until 10:30 in the morning with international cuisine, and in case laziness strikes, room service is to the rescue that is available 24/7.

Taj Princess Hotel

With lavish furniture and stylishly decorated walls and ceilings, Taj Princess Hotel is surely a place not to be missed by business travelers seeking comfort in top quality hotels that is just right on the budget. The modern design and carefully selected pieces of fine furnishings are a great sight for guests who are used to luxurious and lavish lifestyle. The comfort has not been set aside by the management as the hotel was well planned to make one feel totally relaxed after a hard day’s work from business meetings and conferences. The hotel is close to the airport and shopping destinations as well as top tourist sites which is why Taj Princess Hotel is another good choice to stay in New Delhi.

A guide on Rajasthani wedding by La Premier Hotel

Author bio :- This post is brought to you by Mr Bharat Singh who is the front office manager at La Premier, three star rated hotel in Jaipur Rajasthan. Mr Singh has more then 20 year experience in arranging Rajasthani weddings in his 400 pax Wedding banquet hall in Jaipur city and he has organised more then 2000 wedding themes since 1995 in Pink City.

Each and every girl around the world considers her wedding day as the most memorable day of her life. Most girls look forward to a royal and a traditional wedding and if you are also one of them, you should ideally get married in the Rajasthani style. It is the grandeur that catches the eye in a Rajasthani wedding that you simply cannot miss.

Find out more about the traditional Rajasthani wedding in this post:

Rajasthani Wedding Rituals

The Rajasthani wedding is one of the most colorful and vibrant wedding style in the world. When you think of a grand Rajasthani wedding, it is actually a celebration of love and other emotions in the most vibrant and colorful way.

There are separate days for the different wedding rituals. For instance, the wedding starts with the mehendi and sangeet. The would-be bride along with the other women in the family and the neighborhood get their hands painted with variety of mehendi designs. The next day is the Haldi ceremony when the women rub chickpea flour and turmeric on their bodies and skin before bath. There is also the Tilak ceremony where the bridegroom gets tilak applied to his forehead as a symbol of welcome. Then there are several wedding customs like the Aarti and the Saat Phere etc.

Rajasthani wedding songs

On the wedding day, there is a lot of music and dancing all around which enhances the mood and ambiance for celebrations. There are the traditional Rajasthani folk songs as well as the latest bollywood numbers too that makes you tap your foot in rhythm.

Rajasthani Wedding dress

The traditional wedding attire for the Rajasthani bride is the Ghagra Choli in deep and contrasting colors. The attire is usually designed with heavy handwork and embroidery work. Along with the heavy wedding attire, there are lots of heavy traditional jewelries that are worn by the bride.

The groom also gets to dress like the royals on his wedding day. The traditional wedding outfit for a groom is the long coat which is known as Achkan with a royal pair of shoes and churidar. The costume is completed and highlighted with the matching turban. The groom also wears jewelry on his turban which is known as the Serpech. He wears a long necklace and cummerbund to complete his wedding look.

Rajasthani wedding destinations

Some of the wedding destinations in Rajasthan are renowned all over the world. Such is the popularity of these places that celebrities from Hollywood held their marriage in Rajasthan with the same grandeur like the locals. Some such interesting wedding destinations in Rajasthan are, Jaipur, Pushkar and Udaipur.


The theme of Jaipur is romance in a fine blend with royalty. So when you want to have a romantic wedding, head to Jaipur in Rajasthan.


Set your wedding in a magical and charming ambiance in Pushkar. It is picturesque and awesome as the ideal wedding destination.


The city of Lakes and palaces offers you the most picture perfect wedding venue in Rajasthan. Udaipur is also often called the city of Romance and so you can look forward to a royal yet romantic wedding in Udaipur.

A post on amazing water forts in Rajasthan by

India is a country or continent? Its difficult to say [though its a great nation] But every stay in India has different language, tradition, food etc but still the thread of unity is strong here.

Today I am in Rajasthan which is a desert state and I personally noted that forts and palaces here are on or surrounded with water bodies. This after exploring this dry state for 2 months I present a post on amazing water forts in Rajasthan by

1. Jal Mahal, Jaipur

Jal Mahal is best place in Jaipur and one of the best water forts in Rajasthan. Located at the heart of Man Sagar Lake, it is defined as the beauty of India due to its unique features that always leave many people amazed and totally surprised. It has a perfect eye-popping makeover.

You can always admire to view the Aravalli hills located across the lake. The hills are smartly dotted with ancient forts, temples and smartly designed structures. Jal Mahal is an attraction point for thousands of different species of migratory birds which always come every year. You can always take time to witness the unique nature and the naturally beautiful Jal Mahal.

Beside if you are looking for comfortable accommodation then stay at La Premier Spa Resort in Jaipur. I always book a room here when I am in pink city and their manager [Singh], just take my site name he will offer special discount :)

2. Taj lake palace, Udaipur

This is a beautiful palace in Udaipur and it floats on the magnificent surface of Lake Pichola. It has stood the test of time since 1740 after it was built as a classy, perfect and luxurious summer retreat due to its enjoyable perfect cooling breeze.

The Resort has featured in Bond films and it is known for its quality services and natural beauty. Its rooms face inward as it overlooks courtyard and a superb pond. It has private balcony, modern rooms, satellite televisions and perfect central air conditioners.

3. Chittorgarh Fort, Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh is known as one of the ancient water forts in Rajasthan. It is also the largest fort in India and the most greatest at Rajasthan. The fort was rules by Gubhilot and later by the Sisoduias and Suryavanshi clans early 7th century. In 1567, the fort was abandoned after Emperor Akbar’s under siege. Its history is something to behold and its monuments and gates.

4. Gagron Fort

Gagron is an impressive fort that was built in stages for many years. Its construction dates way back in the 8th century to around 14th century AD. It is now recognized as a world heritage site and surrounded by Ahu and The kalil Sibndh rivers. It has a history of defeats and won battles that led to its recapture and later conquest.

5. Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur

Jaigarh Fort is located on promontory known as Cheel ka Teela or translated as Hill of Eagles. It is one of the best water forts in Rajasthan and it overlooks Amber Fort and the great Maota Lake.

The fort has a long history and was built by Jai Singh earlier 1726 as a way of protecting Amber Fort. It is also known as Victory Fort due to its history of triumph and the perfect stand as one of the best forts standing at 3 kilometers in length.

Superlative Desert Camp Accommodation and sightseeing options in Rajasthan

As you know, the thought of doing a tour get exhilaration and keenness which automatically refreshing the mind.

The Rajasthan Desert Camps offer practical awareness of the attractiveness of the desert area and a little insight of the desert living.

Top 3 Desert Camps to stay in Rajasthan:

Royal Desert Camp

The Rajasthan Royal Desert Camp is situated in Pushkar, Rajasthan. The Royal Desert Camp is a leading tour destination which offers deluxe tented housing at Pushkar for the tourists and the visitors who come to view the blessed town of Pushkar. Royal Desert Camp in Rajasthan is a regular camp, which is put up all winter for the ease and convenience of tourists who wish to trip across Pushkar and the next-door areas where they provide best stay in tents.


  • Large Attached Washroom
  • Restaurant ( Eating Place)
  • Travel Desk
  • Car on Rent
  • Clock Room For Luggage
  • STD/ISD Telephone Service
  • Puppet Entertainment Show
  • Offers Horse, Jeep and Camel Safari

Spirit Desert Camp

Usually Sam Sun Dunes in Jaisalmer is the wonderful break for travelers who wish to spend a vacation away from busy streets of urban cities and take pleasure of famed desert safari in Jaisalmer.

Spirit Desert Camp is in reality a popular deluxe Jaisalmer Desert Camp Resort which is presenting accommodations to reside within their personal 30 camp. Every camp is evidently prepared with comfortable extra-large mattress, espresso machine tea, hygienic British washroom and even old style interiors which regularly put an interest of Jaisalmer olden times.

Facilities for Swiss Tent type Rooms

  • Eating Place – Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Internet
  • Private Bathroom

Also the team of Spirit Desert Camp is popular for their one day Jaipur Sightseeing package. Now this package is offered by their Jaipur firm which is Raj Putana Cabs Jaipur.

Desert Courses

The famous Resort Desert Coursers was started in 1984 at Zainabad by Shri Mohammed Shabbir Malik. But now it’s managed by Mohammed Shabbir Malik’s Son – Shri Dhanraj Malik. It’s the first establishment for birding, culture and experiencewith  the Little Rann of Kutch.

 It is situated adjacent to a lake and the housing here is in the form of ecological cottages.  The surroundings friendly cottages are mainly identified as Koobas, all have a customary design and are ethnic and comfortable.

All Koobas are equipped with all modern amenities:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Attached bathrooms with hot and cold showers

These accommodations are incredible for a accurate taste of rural life. The housing at Camp Zainabad consist all type of food, which are prepared fresh on-site and served in a gorgeous open-air location. Desert Coursers Breakfast consist the usual tea and coffee, cereals, butter as well as some hot food like poha and/or eggs. The Lunch and traditional dinner had vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian stuff served with Chapattis and rice.

Desert Courses Resort also organizes Music and Art Special Events: Endangered music of the Sidi’s and Magic shows, Fairs and Festivals and local Sites.

This is all about beautiful Rajasthan State. If anybody wants relaxation from their city lives and reconnect with natural world Rajasthan Desert Camp Staying is best. For more information do visit this link.

Travelling to Delhi. Than don’t even dare to skip these tourist destinations.

Are you planning to visit the most beautiful country? Well visiting India can be a great choice for you. This country is rich with its unique culture, different people as well as its great history. One of the most popular historical places of this country that still reflects the vision of ancient times is Delhi. So, if you have huge curiosity for Indian History then you should definitely visit this field. Its architecture, ancient buildings and beautiful gardens will mesmerizer you completely.

So the things which you need to focus before exploring all these destinations is:

  1. Book a nice hotel, preferably in southern part of Delhi.
  2. Hire a awesome taxi company via which you won’t get stuck in Delhi traffic Jam, &
  3. The top restaurants in Delhi which will be in your sightseeing rad map.

So for accommodation I will suggest you to book 3 star hotels in the Greater Kailash part of Delhi as its a very posh area, for cab companies I will suggest firms like Man Travels and Meru Cabs and top restaurant to dine will the Eros Hotels, Taj Hotel Restaurant and my favourite The Embassy restaurant in Connaught Place. Now lets talk about the most important topic, Delhi Sightseeing. I always prefer to book accommodation in hotels in south delhi 2 star

The Old Delhi is little crowded but the New Delhi looks beautiful with its organized lifestyle. Here is the list of five most special places of New Delhi that you should never ever forget to visit.

Qutab minar:

Haven’t you visited it yet? Well, pack your bags and come to Delhi as soon as possible. Qutab Minar is the most eye soothing place that makes you amaze. Its incredible beauty is popular in the whole world. It beauty will force you to say wow over and over again. Qutab Minar is popular as the tallest brick minaret in all over the world. This grand vision of the early Indian architecture gives you a sense of taste of that time. People still do not know that why this monument was built in 1206. Some believe that it was made at the starting of Muslim rule in India so, the reason behind this amazing monument was establishing Muslim rule.

FYI. Also check my blog post on GTC Blog on places to visit in delhi for couples

Gandhi Smriti:

Among the many other places, Gandhi Smriti is really heart touching. It is the place where the Father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi was brutally assassinated. He stayed at this house for 144 days and took his last breath in this place. You can visit his bed room which is still keep in the same way. There is a prayer ground around this place where people come to visit at the every evening.

Also view this site if you are looking for south delhi hotels

India gate:

It is the biggest gate of India that is known as india Gate. People from different countries come to visit this amazing place. Its amazing style is really great and it always makes us aware of the death of Indian soldiers. The gate was made in the memory of several soldiers who lost their lives in the World War 1 for confronting the British army.

The garden of five senses:

Do you love peaceful ambience? Well if yes, then you should visit the Garden of Five Senses. It will take you to a far cry from the chaos of the city. Its name is unique and it really can manage to awaken all five senses of people. So it is not an ordinary garden and you should definitely visit it.

Bahai temple:

One of the most beautiful temples of India is Bahai temple. If you manage time to visit this temple you will simply love its structure and shape. Sometimes people refer it as lotus temple because it has the shape of a beautiful lotus. The temple is made with white marble and stands to show the unity of all religions. It looks splendid at the evening when it is lighted up.

A post of Rajasthani cuisine by Mezban

The term Rajasthani mean stuff from Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a popular tourist desert state in Republic of India. Now the term Rajasthani is commonly used with cuisine as the desert satet of Rajasthan is globally famous for its stories of war, love and Rajasthani Cuisine.

Today we have the master chef of Mezban restaurant Mr Singh. Those who don’t know about Mezban restaurant, I will let you know that it is one of many popular restaurants in jaipur. Today Mr Singh is going to share 2 of the finest cuisines which they serve in their kitchen.

My favourite destinations in Asia

Well there in no doubt that I love Thailand but there are many more destination which I love to visit again and again and below I have mentioned few of them.

At number 2 Jaipur, India

Rated as top 5 destinations in India, Jaipur is a city to explore. Jaipur which is also known as the Pink city of India. There is a royal history behind it which includes the King of Jaipur and Duke of Wales. Even today the old Jaipur in Pink and is a must see tourist city in Asia.